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13. Futurism, War, DaDa


Image: Hannah Höch, Cut with Kitchen Knife, colage, 1919

Slide 1: Chaos, War, Futurism, DaDa

Slide 2: Francisco Goya, The Second of May 1808, painted in 1814. The Napoleonic Wars did not end until 1815.

Slide 3: Goya's Black Paintings (1820s) can be understood as a response to the absurdity of war, Humanity eating its children.

Slide 4: Braque and Picasso, Cubism, 1909-1914.

Slide 5: Futurism: although it was largely an Italian phenomenon, there were parallel movements in Russia and other countries.

Slide 6: The emphasis was on speed, movement, and the transient.

Slide 7: Duchamp's Nude Descending a Stairway, 1912. Duchamp combines elements of Cubist and Futurist movements. In the composition. He was influenced by the chrono-photography of Étienne-Jules Marey and others, particularly Muybridge's Woman Walking Downstairs (1887) and the invention of Xrays.

Slide 8: WW I, Trench warfare. 

Slide 9: WW I, Trench warfare. 

Slide 10: Hugo Ball, DaDa, 1917

Slide 11: Cafe Voltaire, Zurich, Sweitzerland Switzerland, 1917

Slide 12: Hannah Höch, Cut with Kitchen Knife, colage, 1919

Slide 13: Picasso, Guernica, 1937

Slide 14: Jacob Lawrence, Immigration Series, 1941


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